Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Parking meters at Ninewells Hospital - an update

Photo from the Courier when it
featured this story in January
Back in January, I contacted the Chief Executive of NHS Tayside that :

"I have received a complaint about the parking meters at Ninewells Hospital A&E.     A constituent had to visit A&E late at night and found on arrival he had no small change on him to use in the parking meter – only notes and his credit card but Indigo’s meters at A&E only take coins.

Could I ask if NHS Tayside can request of Indigo, its parking operator, that parking meters are upgraded so that they take credit card payments and payment by mobile phone as City Council and other local authority meters nowadays have been upgraded to take?"

I was promised this would be discussed at a liaison meeting between Indigo and NHS Tayside and this took place on 5th April.    

The Chief Executive's office has since advised :

"I have also been advised that the Regional Commercial Manager from Indigo advised that it should be possible to upgrade these meters to pay by mobile phone and will confirm this that the next meeting due to take place on 20 July 2016."

I am therefore hoping that there will be an upgrade to parking meters at Ninewells Hospital might take place in the near future.