Thursday, 28 July 2016

Community Companions

From the Community Companion Scheme - you can also read more here :

In Dundee, as in many other parts of the UK, the responses to tackling social isolation and loneliness vary.    Dundee has services that match older persons with companions, community centres that have age related groups and activities, one to one social support to handyman schemes, volunteering and home visitors.

Befriending is an area of activity that users have stated makes a difference to their quality of life and it’s the area of work that the Reshaping Care Team has focused on through the social isolation collaborative.   This has also been identified and prioritised by older people and local organisations through a series of engagement and feedback events.   The team has promoted a shift from a traditional befriending service to a Community Companion Scheme. This provides a flexible service for adults, building on and complimenting the work of existing services.

The Community Companion project is aimed at adults in Dundee who are either experiencing or have the potential to experience social isolation. Each person is matched up to a Community Companion based on personality, hobbies and interest and general living experiences. Community Companions befriend people in many ways for example, visiting them in their own home, accompanying them to social activities or shopping trips, or even a visit to a local café.

The person receiving the companionship can choose how often they require support and what type of support they require.

For more information about the Community Companion Scheme contact or telephone 305736.