Friday, 22 July 2016

Iain Flett, City Archivist

Today marks the retirement, after over 40 years of service, of Iain Flett, the City Archivist.

Many constituents will know Iain, who has provided a superb archives service for the city, along with his former assistant Richard Cullen and his current assistant Martin Allan.   Martin will now take on the role of City Archivist on Iain's retirement.

Iain has been extremely helpful to me over the years in providing feedback to the many constituent enquiries received about the city's history and he is hugely knowledgeable as well as an accomplished, informative and entertaining public speaker.   

Earlier this week, Iain and Martin undertook a really interesting presentation to councillors and senior council officers on the archives - see photo below, with thanks to Councillor Jimmy Black for the photo.

I wish Iain a very long and happy retirement.