Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Riverside Drive road safety audit

Further to my February update on the outstanding roads issues affecting Riverside Drive following its redesign and resurfacing last autumn, the promised road safety audit has now been completed and the City Council's Head of Transportation has now advised me as follows :

"The Road Safety Audit and recommended amendments have now been fully signed off and the design engineers are actioning the remedial works.

Summarising the recommendations will see:

An edge of road hatching replacing the temporary coning and end of lane bollards installed to make it clear that vehicles should not use this section of road.  This section of roadway will remain at this moment as there is essential road drainage in place and any removal will have significant civil engineering costs that the current scheme could not absorb
Illuminated bollards will be installed at the Tesco Roundabout
Additional painted arrows to be added to make clear that there is diverging opportunities at Riverside Approach (approaching from east), approaching TESCO from west and approaching the right turn refuge from the east for accessing Riverside Approach
The lighting levels have been checked and are acceptable
Other junction and lining amendments already implemented along the line of the works.
All changes to be completed as soon as possible, aside from illuminated bollard that will require road closure / cabling work s and scheduled alongside other planned works later this year

Outwith the scope of the Road Safety Audit the brightness of the traffic signals has been assessed as standard and acceptable, however Siemens and our engineers are discussing the concerns your constituent raised regarding glare in hours of darkness (ie should there be night time dimming?)"

I have made clear to the City Council that a permanent solution for the coned off areas on the north side, east of the rail goods yard, must be found as soon as possible.