Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pass it on Week

Get your work colleagues swapping and sharing for Pass it on Week!

National re-use week from 7th to 15th March is the perfect time to get staff thinking beyond recycling and have a bit of workplace fun.

If your workplace is committed to sustainability, or you’re looking for some fun activity to get staff interacting, Pass it on Week is a perfect time to run some office events. Pass it on Week is all about encouraging re-use, and getting people passing on, swapping, sharing and donating things they no longer need to a new home, to reduce the huge volumes of re-usable items that go to landfill each year.

This could involve:

Social activities to get staff thinking about re-using more everyday :

- Hold a book, DVD or CD swap in the office
- Hold a clothes swap
- Set up a virtual lending library – use your intranet to lend out power tools, gardening gear, suitcases and all manner of other things that you only use a few times a year.
- Have a stationary amnesty – liberate the hoards of staplers, pens, whole-punchers and post-its lying unused in desk drawers to re-stock the stationary cupboard for free.

Activities to incorporate re-use into your business practices:

- If you’re expanding why not look at re-used office furniture and IT equipment, instead of buying new?
- If you’re downsizing or have ordered new furniture and IT equipment, why not donate your old stuff to a re-use organisation? 

There are loads more ideas for things you can do in our Pass it on Week toolkit, which has a whole section on events for the workplace.  This is supported by a range of ‘how to’ guides giving more detail on organising specific types of events, and promotion posters and web banners. You can also register your event on the Pass it on Week website and show everyone you’re getting involved.

Pass it on Selfies

We’re also encouraging people to take ‘Pass it on selfies’ and tweet them during the week. You can show that your business is getting on board by encouraging staff to do this and including your employer’s Twitter handle in the tweet.

Get in touch

If you want to chat about any aspect of Pass it on Week – get in touch!   Simply call Kim Young on 01786 433960 or email