Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Works at Riverside Avenue

Constituents have queried with me the works on Riverside Avenue's north side, opposite the entrance to Riverside Nature Park.    Concerns were expressed about the removal of some trees and bushes.

The City Council's City Development Department has updated me as follows:

"Some trees, shrubs and bushes were required to be removed for the installation of a venting trench to monitor landfill gas concentrations along the eastern part of the northern boundary of the Riverside Landfill site to prevent migration off site to adjacent properties. 

The trench will approximately be 230m long  to take into account the relative concentrations of landfill gas established from trial investigations and risk assessments  over the area with a width of 1.0m and depth of 2.0m. Once complete monthly monitoring of landfill gas concentrations in the ground along the full length of the trench will inform further assessment of whether further mitigation is required if necessary . 

The whole works are being undertaken after consultation with appropriate parties including SEPA, Network Rail and DCC's Environment Department (Forestry Section) who were happy with the proposals."