Sunday, 30 September 2012

Medieval Music for Margaret of Scotland - 1281 - Wighton Centre, Dundee

Margaret of Scotland
From Sheena Wellington of Friends of Wighton:

On Wednesday 3rd October at 1.15pm, the Friends of Wighton will be holding their monthly free lunchtime concert in Dundee.

Performed by medieval harp expert Simon Chadwick, the programme for October's event tells the story of Margaret of Scotland, 1281: The story of Scotland and Norway, the Royal Wedding and the lead up to the Wars of Independence.

Using a selection of medieval music and traditional tunes from Scotland and from Scandinavia, the late 13th century history and politics will be dramatically brought to life, as the old ballad says: “The King sat in Dunfermline Toun, drinking of the blood red wine...”

More info about the Friends of Wighton and their classes and concerts are available at

Date and time:   Wednesday 3rd October 2012, starting at 1.15pm, finishing around 1.45pm.

Admission is free, with a retiring collection to support the work of the Friends of Wighton.

Venue:  Wighton Centre, Upstairs in Dundee Central Library.