Monday, 9 April 2012

Balgay Park and Hill – lighting improvements

Over many months, I have sought improvements to the lighting on Balgay Hill and Park.   I was pleased to be updated last week by the City Council as follows:

"All the proposed works for this year have been completed. The new lanterns were installed on the replacement columns on 08/03/2012 and 09/03/2012, and have been illuminated since then.

The existing lighting columns and lanterns which remain were repaired and some illuminated by 22/12/2011. The remainder were energised on 09/01/2012 after the cable fault was repaired.

We had another cable fault on 12/03/2012, which took out a section of lighting within the park but this was repaired and an additional lighting column installed on 15/03/2012.

There are minor works remaining to the underground cables at the existing column, but these will not cause any lights to go out, unless a further cable fault develops. We will undertake these shortly or these existing columns may be replaced later in the year if funding is available. A decision should be reached on this shortly."