Thursday, 26 April 2012

West End Thursday ...

This morning, after a visit to constituents about a local problem, I had the pleasure of attending another area "walkabout" - this time in the Logie Estate where, along with council officers and two of my ward colleagues, we looked at a number of issues - including footpaths condition and railings.

The remainder of the day was spent campaigning across the West End.   This is my fourth election - and by far the most enjoyable.   I am extremely grateful to all residents for their kindness and, in particular, all who have have contacted me to voice their support.   Here are some quotes from residents in e-mails over the past couple of days:
Just a quick email to say well done for being a good councillor. I've recently moved to Lochee Road from Arbroath where we are use to councillors bickering instead of working together to improve their respective constituencies and the town as a whole, as I'm sure you have seen in Dundee. Political posturing doesn't help anyone and just makes everyone involved look completely detached from the people they are supposed to be representing.
I enjoy reading the Dundee's West End Focus newsletter that gets posted through my door and seeing the work you've been putting in.
Thank you for your newsletters and for your hardwork in improving our circumstances at the West End of Dundee. I have voted for you at the first candidate this time, and wish you best luck in winning the election again! 
Good luck with the election - we have received lots of bumph from your opponents but as far as we are concerned you are the only councillor who has done anything for this area!
This evening, after my weekly surgery at Blackness Primary School, I met residents in the Oxford Street/Blackness Road area.   A lovely night - as this photograph taken at Elliot Road indicates: