Friday, 24 September 2010

Proposed Riverside Nature Park - latest

I have had a further useful update from the City Council about the proposed Riverside Nature Park :

“I am pleased to report that good progress has been made and that the project is still on programme to meet the end of March 2011 deadline. To be more specific, Cut and Fill Earthworks have been underway for the past two months and are on target for completion at the beginning of October. The site will subsequently be seeded, followed by the creation of paths. Planting works are then programmed during the Winter period.

Following your enquiry and a review of the planned works, I can confirm that it is intended to allow public access to the completed works which at this point is scheduled for the end of March 2011.

You will be aware from our previous briefings that the project timeline is subject to both weather and the inclusion of additional or unplanned works which may affect completion. We are scheduled to visit WECC, which hopefully will include River Crescent Residents' Association to update them on progress and this will include details of programming, completion and the extent of access permitted.”

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