Wednesday, 8 September 2010

House break-ins concerns

Last night's Evening Telegraph gave a comprehensive report on house break-ins across Dundee.

Police Beat 26 (the area of the West End Ward at the east of the ward - running from Pentland in the north to Riverside Drive in the south but excluding the Perth Road corridor) had the most break-ins during 2009-10 - 52 in total, with 41 going undetected.

As I indicated in the Evening Telegraph :

“It is concerning that parts of the area have seen high levels of break-ins over the past year, but I am pleased that the police locally have been putting in significant effort into the prevention and detection of this sort of crime. We have excellent community police officers in the area and it is really important that every effort is made to stop this sort of crime and successfully detect the criminals who break into properties.

“Tayside Police offers free crime prevention advice that can help a householder ensure that their home is given proper protection against intruders and I’d urge residents to make use of this excellent free service. It is also important that any resident informs the police if they notice any sort of suspicious activity.

“I have written to Chief Constable Justine Curran about the high break-in figures seeking a meeting to discuss what further steps can be taken in the area to reduce the level of break-ins in the area.”

I am to be meeting with Tayside Police on Friday to discuss the issue further.