Sunday 9 May 2010

Road safety - Hawkhill

Following the recent opening of Tesco Express at the east end of Hawkhill, numerous residents have expressed concern about parking right outside the store on the busy by-pass. The police have also been in touch with me about the concerns.

The suggestion from the police is an extension to the barriers across the store entrance - a sensible suggestion in my view.

I have raised the matter with the City Council's Head of Transportation who has replied as follows :

"I can advise you that in relation to the problems you highlighted in the vicinity of the new Tesco Express, my Traffic Team are investigating options. We have looked at various enforcement options but as is the usual case unless there is static and permanent attendance the matter will continue. There are other requests in relation to taxi rank provision (for the Casino patrons) and these will all be looked at together."

I am advised that I will be given further feedback in a few weeks and will update residents further then.