Wednesday 12 May 2010

Busy Wednesday

As well as packed 'day job' activities today, I :

* Attended a briefing from National Express Dundee on their changes to bus services in the city from 27th June. There is (after my - and West End Community Council's input) an improvement to the 9X service (rebranded as the Service 5A) - with a half-hourly service. There is also a new 6 service, on a half-hourly basis between 9am and 3pm, covering Perth Road and Blackness Road - from the City Centre to Ninewells Hospital.

* Thereafter, I attended a walkabout around Pentland with City Council officers and the Community Spirit Action Group to look at issues in the area. A useful walkabout that highlighted concerns in the area.

* And tonight I took the minutes at the latest Tay Bridge Disaster Memorial Group meeting. Very good progress - an excellent meeting.