Friday, December 11, 2009

Seafield Road pavements - an update

I recently raised with the City Council the condition of the pavements in Seafield Road (see and have now had the following feedback.

"The area inspector checked Seafield Road footways following your email and as a result of his inspection identified three damaged dropped kerbs which he proposed be removed and made safe.

In addition he noted eight actionable defects on the footway and raised an order for the repair of these with a timescale of twenty eight days (this work should now have been carried out).

Other than these items he did not note any other actionable defects. Road Maintenance is aware of the condition of the footways in Seafield Road and these have been ranked with other footways as part of the assessment exercise carried out in financial year 2008/2009.

Currently in the three year footway programme there are approximately 150 locations whose footways have been assessed as being in equal or worse condition than Seafield Road. It is not possible therefore to indicate a timescale for carrying out resurfacing works at this location."

Whilst welcoming the defects that have been addressed, I have fed this response back to the residents at Rose Lodge and other local residents who raised concerns about the pavement condition suggesting a site visit with a City Development Department officer to discuss the overall condition of the pavements here, as I consider them to be in real need of resurfacing.