Friday, 11 December 2009

Great result for the Scottish Liberal Democrats!

Many congratulations to Ashay Ghai (pictured right) on winning the Bearsden South by-election for the Scottish Liberal Democrats. The result was announced earlier today.

Ashay took the seat from Conservatives, beating the Tories by 271 votes. Labour was knocked out in the first round of the count and the SNP was a weak third.

This is the second Tory council seat the Scottish Liberal Democrats have gained this year and I agree with the comments on Jo Swinson MP who said, "There is no sign of a David Cameron bounce in Scotland."

It appears the Tories can't even hold what they have already got.

Tavish Scott MSP added :

"This is fantastic achievement by Ashay Ghai and his local campaigning team, supported by his local MP Jo Swinson. Liberal Democrats beating the Conservatives with Labour humiliated all bodes well for the coming general election.

"People recognise that it is the Liberal Democrats on the side of hard working Scottish families during Labours recession, with the Tories only offering tax breaks for the very richest in our society."

East Dunbartonshire Council - (Ward 3) - Bearsden South
Date : 10/12/2009

LD Ashay Ghai 1110
Con 1261
SNP 783
Lab 626
LD gain from Con


Stage 1:
Ashay Ghai LD 1110
Rachel Higgins Con 1261
Fiona Grace McLeod SNP 783
Manjinder Shergill Lab 626

Stage 2 elimination of Shergill:
LD 1381
Con 1306
SNP 972

Stage 3 elimination of McLeod:
LD 1770
Con 1499