Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Elliot Road - pavements and trees

The north footway of Elliot Road is in really poor condition, with trip hazards, thanks to tree roots - and the south footway is not adopted at all. The City Development Department recently consulted me and other councillors about a number of options to improve matters and the option described by the department (below) is the agreed proposal. There is now consultation with householders taking place and it is envisaged work will commence on 26th January :

"Elliot Road provides vehicle and pedestrian access to Royal Victoria Hospital and pedestrian access to the adjacent Balgay Cemetery. The street has a tree lined footway to the north and to the south there is a park in the middle with housing at the west end and housing and lock ups to the east. There are not any residential properties on the north side.

The north footway is adopted whereas the south is not. The north footway is in poor condition due to many trip hazards caused by tree roots and the adjacent cemetery hedge which is also causing narrowing to below 1.2m width. The south sections of footway provide access to properties. They have scored highly in the Unadopted Footways programme and were due for upgrade and adoption this financial year.

Preferred option :

Combined Scheme to retain all existing mature trees and relocate the footway to south side of the road. This will address tripping hazards and footway width issues while retaining all 24 mature and healthy trees as well as providing a continuous footway on the south side. It is proposed to convert the redundant north footway into a grass verge so there is minimal residual liability for tripping issues. This footway does not provide access to any residential properties so the retention of it is not thought to be required. A Stopping Up Traffic Order is not required as the footway is to be re-aligned within the existing highway boundary.

The Adopted Footway works are to convert the north footway to grass verge and provide a new footway within the park. The Estates Section of City Development who manage this land on behalf of the Education Dept who own it, have granted approval to construct a new footway as proposed as it will not affect their long term proposals. The Unadopted footway works are to upgrade and adopt the footways either side of the park on the south side of the road.

Tree Implications - Retention of all 32 mature and healthy trees."