Wednesday 8 May 2024

Getting things done - Mid Wynd #dundeewestend

The damaged bollards in Mid Wynd were recently replaced.

However, there have been unfortunate instances of some riders of motorbikes ignoring the 'no through road' at great speed and causing alarm to pedestrians.

Along with local residents, we asked the City Council if the spacing between the bollards could be narrowed to prevent this and the Senior Engineer in the council's Traffic and Road Safety Team responded helpfully as follows :

"(The bollards) have been installed to our regulation/design criteria of 1.2m, an absolute minimum. This allows for pushchairs and various widths of mobility scooters to pass through as they are all not one size.

I have however agreed to look into either installing an additional two bollards or a section of Visirail in an attempt to slow down any passage of motorcycles who they say are nipping through.

There is a traffic order in place prohibiting motorcycles, but Police Scotland need to enforce this, not the council.

However, in order to enforce this there needs to be adequate/appropriate signage which there was none that I could see. I will arrange for the appropriate signage works to be included for this location."