Friday 10 May 2024

Environmental improvements - Riverside roundabouts #dundeewestend

With regard to the roundabouts along Riverside Drive, works were agreed at the council's Climate, Environment and Biodiversity Committee as follows :

"Hard and soft landscaping improvements at Riverside East Roundabout, Riverside Inn Roundabout and Tesco Roundabout.

This will entail refreshing planting areas with regional specific plants that are stress / drought tolerant.

The project aims to improve visibility / sightlines along this important ambassador route into the city centre."

Riverside East Roundabout is by the Tesco servicing entrance, and Tesco Roundabout is the roundabout next to the Tesco petrol station. Riverside East roundabout was improved first, with traffic management in place this weekend 23rd to 26th March, followed by Riverside Inn Roundabout (see photo) with traffic management in place 30th March to 2nd April.

Tesco roundabout will be improved shortly thereafter.   Riverside East and Riverside Inn roundabouts both benefit from new planting schemes with sculptural boulders. Tesco roundabout will receive remedial pruning works.