Wednesday 22 November 2023

West End Christmas Fortnight starts tomorrow #dundeewestend

This year’s Dundee West End Christmas Fortnight launches tomorrow – its 23rd year – with a whole host of events taking place, including two Christmas Concerts, a Christmas Market and Lights Switch on in Perth Road, competitions including a West End Primary School Art Competition and a Primary 6 schools football competition - as well as talks, a “Death in the West End” tour and crafts events in West Port and at Blackness Library.

During the Fortnight that runs from tomorrow until Wednesday 6th December, we will hold around lots of different events.

Big thanks go to all the Christmas Committee members, community groups, churches and everyone else who has made this super festive fortnight happen.

All our events are publicised on our Facebook page and there are brochures in local shops, other West End locations such as Blackness Library, sheltered lounges, West End Community Fridge, local churches and it is also distributed via our local schools.

Our Christmas Market, Schools’ Concert and Lights Switch On are on tomorrow - Thursday 23rd November - and all local residents are very welcome at this and our many other events.