Wednesday 15 November 2023

Getting things done – postal deliveries in the Forest Park Road area #dundeewestend

We recently received concerns about late delivery and gaps in delivery of mail in the Forest Park Road area.

We contacted Royal Mail regarding this and have since received the following feedback :

“Thank you for your communication regarding your ward residents’ mail deliveries in the Forest Park Road area of Dundee. Delivering a reliable service is out top priority, and I am very sorry for any concern caused.

I have been in contact with the Customer Operations Manager at Dundee Central Delivery Office. They have confirmed that mail deliveries are currently taking place six days a week, when there is mail available to be delivered.

I understand there were a small number of previous disruptions due to high levels of sickness and vacancies at the Delivery Office; however, nine new post persons have recently joined the team at Dundee Central.

While the Manager expects no further issues, I would like to reassure you that, should there be an occasion when a delivery round cannot be completed on a particular day, it will become the priority the following working day.”