Saturday 18 March 2023

Getting things done - Elliot Road and Glamis Road #dundeewestend

We recently again received concerns about the difficulty at times for drivers accessing or egressing Elliot Road at the junction with Glamis Road due to some vehicles parked very close to the junction.

This has proved particularly challenging for the X7 bus turning the corner into/out of Elliot Road.

We had long raised this on behalf of residents and were pleased that some yellow lining at this junction was approved by the City Development Committee on 5th December 2022.

We recently asked the council's Head of Sustainable Transport and Roads about progress with the legal/consultation process and he has updated us as follows :

"If no objections are received to the statutory consultation and public notice we target installing the road markings in the autumn.

If objections are received we'll report these back to committee in the summer to consider whether to proceed with the order."