Tuesday 7 March 2023

Getting things done - Queen Victoria Works #dundeewestend

Residents will be aware that we have repeatedly raised the security of the former Queen Victoria Works  site that is situated between Brook Street and Douglas Street.

We are grateful to the residents who recently highlighted to us that one of the boarded up access doors was open and persons had accessed the site - very worrying as it is not a safe environment.

We immediately raised this with the City Council who had it repaired (see photo) and advised :

"I can confirm the door breached at Queen Victoria Works has been secured and recorded against the relevant record.

We are currently awaiting the cost from the contractor and we will add this to the cost recovery process once we are in receipt."

We have also asked for an update from the council on its progress with engagement with the Dubai-based owners, as we are anxious to see a positive future use of the site.