Wednesday 16 November 2022

Getting things done - Riverside Approach and Blackness Road #dundeewestend

Fraser is pictured at Riverside Approach where we have long campaigned for a proper pedestrian crossing, given the number of pedestrians including children and elderly folk crossing between the Roseangle playpark and Magdalen Green crossing here.

At the council's City Development Committee recently, councillors unanimously agreed to alter the long-standing pv2 pedestrian crossing assessment for the provision of pedestrian crossings to better take account of pedestrian movements including those of young people, people with mobility difficulties, etc.

At committee :

👉  Michael asked if this would improve the chances of getting a crossing in Riverside Approach.

👉  Fraser asked if the chances of a proper crossing on Blackness Road at the Kelso steps would be improved.    This is another location where many residents have highlighted the need for a crossing given the number of folk crossing to get to Royal Victoria Hospital and also the significant number of Harris Academy and Blackness Primary School pupils crossing.

We were assured that all historic pv2 pedestrian crossing assessments will be reassessed using the new criteria and we hope this will result in more pedestrian crossings being provided including at Riverside Approach and Blackness Road.