Friday 23 September 2022

Road safety at Blackness Primary School - an update #dundeewestend

Residents and parents of pupils at Blackness Primary School have been in touch following Tuesday's worrying incident at the Hawkhill side of the school where an out of control vehicle hit the barriers on the pavement, shortly after the end of the school day. Police Scotland has traced the driver, who has been charged.

One lady was unfortunately bruised although the outcome could have been a lot worse. Thank goodness no-one was seriously hurt.

We immediately asked for barrier repairs as the previous barriers were totally mangled. We were assured by the Roads Maintenance Partnership that a temporary arrangement was put in place soon after the incident and permanent reinstatement will happen as soon as possible.

However, both the school parent council – Friends of Blackness – and ourselves feel that, in light of this worrying incident, a full safety audit must be undertaken in relation to pupil safety existing the school and heading north to Hawkhill.

We requested this of the Head of Sustainable Transport and Roads at the City Council. Pupil safety is paramount so a full review of the safety situation here really is required.

The council's Traffic and Road Safety Team Leader has updated us as follows - "I will have someone have a look at the site to see if there is anything amiss ... I will also have a look at this accident record of this location as a check to make sure there is no other underlying issues."