Thursday 3 February 2022

Recycling calendar improvement proposal

I am very grateful to the West End resident who made the following good suggestion recently :

"I’d like to suggest an improvement on how the Council informs residents about the dates when the various refuse bins are collected. 

At the moment, as you will know, the Council mails out a card calendar, and on their website you can view or download an electronic version of the same card (

My suggestion is that they also provide a link on this page to a file that can be downloaded and then imported into an electronic calendar - the .ics format is commonly used for this purpose. This would be a progressive, useful, and not difficult addition to the service.

I did a quick search on other council sites, and the first one I found, Stirling Council, supported .ics as well as the card approach, so my suggestion is not fanciful."

I raised this with the council's waste services manager who raised it with the IT department to see if this was possible - and it is!    Here's the helpful response from the waste services manager :

"IT has advised that this is possible and we shall submit an IT bid to have this completed."