Tuesday 8 February 2022

Proposed Lochee Road/Cleghorn Street road safety improvements - an update #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that some months ago, I gave an update on proposed road safety improvements at the junction of Cleghorn Street and Lochee Road.

Following a number of minor accidents at the junction and my request to the then Director of City Development some time ago to improve safety and tailbacks at the junction, it was agreed to include the junction for a safety audit and implement any resulting improvements recommended.

The council is now are proposing to install a section of central island on Lochee Road adjacent to Cleghorn Street, thus preventing any right hand turning movements into Cleghorn Street heading inbound to city centre. 

Also there will be no right-hand movements out of Cleghorn Street onto Lochee Road inbound to city centre.

I have now been advised that the works should be undertaken in the first half of March and full details will appear on the weekly road report in due course as there will be diversions in place to allow the works to take place at this very busy location.