Wednesday 26 May 2021

Getting things done - Park Place #dundeewestend

I have recently had numerous concerns from residents about the state of the bins in Park Place, near to the junction with the West Port.

These are not all council bins for residents' use but there are also commercial bins there for business use.

The City Council's Enforcement Officer in Community Safety and Protection has been very proactive and helpful in response to my raising this and her latest update is as follows :

"Having visited the location over the past few weeks to monitor the situation, I would advise that domestic waste was being left at the trade bins.   In line with restrictions at this time, these businesses were closed and waste uplifts suspended.

I requested operations attend to remove the excess waste and clear the litter/debris from the over-full bins.

I also spoke to the businesses about securing their bins to prevent this happening again.

Following contact from one of the businesses, I contacted NWH who have removed a bin that was still on a suspended contract due to the business not trading and when I visited (most recently) the bins were orderly and there was no excess waste. 

I will continue to monitor the area and take appropriate action."