Thursday 17 December 2020

Pen Friends Project!

From Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action :

"We are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Companionship Society at the University of Dundee and are overwhelmed by the number of students keen to be pen friends with older people.  They have their pens and notepads poised but we need pen friends for them to write to.   Can you help?  

Why not make it our New Year's resolution to sign up to something completely different and make friends with someone you wouldn't normally be in contact with.  

Do you know someone who might like to do this?  Why not sign up yourself or refer a friend.  You will be matched up with people bases on your hobbies and favourite pastimes.  

We will provide you with paper and stamps and you can reply at your own leisure.  

Get in touch on with Clare on 07983 707168 or Jordan on 07983 706626 if you would like to find out more."