Wednesday 2 December 2020

Bus changes proposed for the West End – and across the city

There is currently formal consultation period being undertaken by Xplore Dundee.   The company recently announced a major review of its commercial network which will see changes in the number of routes served and frequency of services.  

The changes to the bus network are detailed here.

The changes would come in effect on 24th January and the affected routes include the 4, 5, 9/10, 17 and 28/29.

I recently had an on-line meeting with the Managing Director of Xplore Dundee and one of her colleagues about the proposed changes.    The most significant aspects affecting the West End are :

Service 4 - Xplore Dundee does not intend to bring back Service 4 at this stage which has a real impact for the Scott Street/Logie area and also for Windsor Street/Magdalen Yard Road/Roseangle.    

Service 17 – Xplore Dundee intends to re-route the 17 away from Tullideph Road and Ancrum Road.

The situation for the 4 and the 17 concern me a lot and already numerous constituents have been in touch with me about these.   Xplore Dundee advises me that it will discuss with the council possible “infill” services to cover gaps like these but whether or not this proves possible will depend on the council supporting such services and, as we know only too well from the axing of Service 204 in 2019, funding for this is limited.

Please note the consultation formally ends on Thursday 10th December – do please give Xplore Dundee your views.