Monday 30 March 2020

Suspend West End car parking charges! #dundeewestend

I have been contacted by numerous residents in the West End who use the seven cars parks that recently had car park charges imposed for the first time - charges I have strongly opposed.

The residents have pointed out that, as the advice is to work from home where possible during the COVID-19 health emergency, it seems perverse to charge people to park near their homes when the council has suspended car parking charges in several car parks in the city centre.    

The city centre decision is very helpful - to assist key workers - but I am adament that the suspension of parking charges must also apply to people working from home as they are following the advice to do so.

If Angus Council can do this for its car parks, so can Dundee City Council for the seven West End car parks.

I have requested that City Development at the council do this ASAP.    The Director of City Development and the leader of the council is aware of this request.

I will keep residents updated.