Friday, 27 March 2020

Friends of Wighton update

From Sheena Wellington :

I am sure you expected this but, sadly, the current Covid-19 health emergency means all classes, recitals and concerts at Wighton Heritage Centre, Dundee are cancelled until further notice. 

We have had to cancel some first rate artists and, as you will know, this is a tough time for musicians who have all seen months of gigs, their livelihood,  disappear almost overnight. 

Below are links to the websites of the artists we have had to cancel. 

Buying or downloading a CD through their webpage would help them and entertain you if you have to be in lockdown! 

They are all very good, of course,  otherwise I would not have booked them!

Take care and keep well


Sandy Brechin      -
Ian Walker Band  -
Bill Adair              -