Tuesday, 3 February 2015

20mph zones in residential areas - an update

As residents know, last June, I proposed to the council's City Development Committee that the City Council consult communities on where local people feel a 20mph limit would be appropriate.     This failed to get support at committee by a single vote, due to the failure of SNP councillors to support a consultation exercise.   

I have now secured a further debate on the matter at the City Council meetings on Monday 23rd February.

The sort of locations I feel these may be appropriate are narrow streets in highly residential areas, particularly where there are large numbers of elderly people or children out playing.    Examples in the West End where residents have indicated support include the Perth Road lanes and the Logie area, both of which have very narrow streets and areas of sheltered housing.  

The reason that lies behind my renewed call is new Transport Scotland guidance, published on behalf of Scottish Government, that is far more supportive of 20mph zones in appropriate areas than the previous 2002 guidance.    City of Edinburgh Council is now introducing 20mph zones over wide areas of residential streets and Glasgow City Council is also moving this road-safety measure forward too.    

I have made the point to Dundee City Council's Head of Transportation pointing out that the City Council's policy to oppose consultation on 20mph zones and implement them in appropriate streets is now at odds with government guidance - and asking what the council’s response to that anomaly is.   

It is clear, from the large amount of feedback I had from residents that there is significant public demand for this road safety measure.  The City Council cannot continue to hide its head in the sand about the new Transport Scotland guidance, so I have requested this renewed debate at City Development Committee later in the month. 

The matter was reported in the Courier and the Evening Telegraph yesterday and I spoke on Wave 102 News and Radio Tay News.   You can hear the Radio Tay News interview by clicking 'play' below :