Monday, 6 October 2014

School Crossing Patrollers - Harris Academy

I have, over a considerable period, pressed the City Council to provide a second School Crossing patroller in Lawton Road at the Harris Academy decant site, given the very large footfall (1000+ pupils) in the morning, lunchtime and at the end of the school day.

I recently raised this (again) at the Harris Academy Project Board and have since been given the following update from the Head of Education (Secondary and Additional Support Needs):

"Lawton Road should have two crossing patrols.   One is currently redeployed to Craigowl PS.    We are hoping to have this post filled shortly.

Recruitment and Management of Crossing Patrollers   :      You will be aware that we have ongoing difficulties recruiting staff and this is one of the reasons for the transfer to Tayside Contracts (TC) to provide a more flexible and robust shared service across Dundee Angus and Perth. 

Our most recent recruitment (prior to TC transfer) brought 3 new crossing patrollers, one of whom is just finishing training and will be deployed shortly. TC has advertised within their establishment for more staff to provide some core and importantly supply cover for the entire service.

We will be working closely with TC to ensure that we have the correct level of staff in place.

I would be hopeful that the missing crossing patroller at Lawton Road will be in place in the very near future."