Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Getting things done - Logie Gardens

Residents in Logie Gardens have complained to me about the state of part of the ground on the street's south side adjacent to Pine Court's car park.

As you can see below, its overgrown and unsightly, but there was some doubt as to ownership.    The non-Home Scotland housing close by to the west was built by Glenagnes Developments Limited, the adjacent roadway is adopted by the City Council and the remainder of the area is owned by Home Scotland.
The City Council kindly ascertained for me that the parcel of overgrown ground was sold to the former Cleghorn Housing Association in 1991.   

Cleghorn is now part of the Home Scotland group and the Customer Services Manager at Home Scotland has now advised me that, over the next few weeks, the housing association will have the area tidied and added thereafter maintained on an on-going basis.