Friday, 13 June 2014

Glamis Road - road lining and resurfacing

During May, the yellow-coloured bus bays (three of them) in Glamis Road between Dickson Avenue and Blackness Road were repainted by Tayside Contracts, on behalf of the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership.

On 1st June, the road was resurfaced with tar and stone chips, covering the newly painted bus bays.

Residents have quite rightly complained to me about the wastage of painting the bus bays and them covering them over.

As one resident pointed out, "It would appear there must have been a lack of communication or, contrary to belief, the council has money to waste."

I complained to the City Council about this wastage and was advised:
With regard to the enquiry you received I can advise that although the bus bay markings were worn and required repainting, the surface dressing works were known to be programmed to be carried out within the month. 
There are some circumstances where it would be appropriate to renew road markings when a road resurfacing is to follow within weeks, ie junction stop lines for which are there for public safety reasons, but mistakes do happen and these bus bays should not have been repainted in advance of the surface dressing works for which I apologise.  
As road maintenance activities are delivered in partnership with Tayside Contracts, this allows us jointly to have the opportunity to consider all future works that are to be carried out by the depot for all clients, to identify conflicts and organise programming of works for mutual benefit and obtain best value.  If the Partnership was not in place I believe there would be more chance of these conflicts occurring.
I believe this to be an isolated incident and am not aware of any other similar issues recently.