Friday, 21 October 2011

... and Thursday ...

Logie Estate
Its been a bit of a "walkabout" week!
Following Tuesday's walkabout with council officers round Pentland to look at local issues and problems there, yesterday morning, along with council officials from the Housing and Environment Departments and a ward colleague, I took part in walkabout round the Logie Estate, where, amongst other issues, we looked at railings condition, open plan grass maintenance, damaged or missing street signs and pavement repairs.

In the afternoon, I had a very productive meeting with the City Council's Head of Transportation, mainly about the inadequate bus services in Peddie Street, Pentland, Scott Street and surrounding areas, following the demise of that part of the National Express Number 4 route and the need to promote usage of the council's tendered 204 service with a view to hopefully seeing an improvement in the frequency of the service in the future.