Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Food recycling project

The City Council recently approved a food waste recycling trial.   I'm really supportive of this initiative and have been updated by the council's Recycling Projects Officer as follows :

"I am writing to inform you of the forthcoming food waste collection pilot scheme which will be running in your ward.

The scheme, which was passed before the Housing, Dundee Contract Services & Environment Services committee on 9th May (ref. 229-2011) is being run in response to anticipated regulatory changes in Scotland's waste management. Following the publication of Scotland's Zero Waste Plan in the summer of 2010, a draft consultation on the proposed regulatory framework required to deliver the Zero Waste Plan objectives was issued in February 2011. This consultation outlined proposals for two new statutory instruments, designed to drive source-segregation of recyclable materials & introduce phased bans on certain materials into landfill & energy from waste (EfW). Food waste is specifically targeted within the regulations due to the environmental benefits of managing bio-wastes separately, and the draft regulations therefore require Local Authorities to collect food waste separately from all other wastes with effect from 2013.

In anticipation of these draft regulations being passed, it is important that a proactive approach is taken & therefore that a trial of separate food waste collections is run in Dundee during 2011/12. The trial will be offered to approximately 2800 properties, covering a mix of property types & areas. The trial will be subject to ongoing monitoring & evaluation to enable any problems to be overcome immediately. The results of this pilot scheme will be used to inform future decisions regarding city-wide phased rollout of this service in line with the draft regulation timescales.

Areas were selected for participation in the trial based on a number of key factors, including geography, property type, ward, areas with current kerbside recycling provision & those without amongst others. Flatted properties were not included in the trial at this stage as collection container types have yet to be determined for these.

Within your ward the following area(s) will be offered the chance to participate in the food waste collection pilot scheme:

  • Clayhills Drive, Glamis Drive (34, 40, 43 & 45), Invergowrie Drive, Menzieshill Road, Perth Road (391 - South Lodge only), Whitefauld Road - 234 properties in total
Residents will shortly be receiving an information leaflet, advising them that their area has been selected to take part in the trial. If they wish, residents WILL be able to opt-out of the scheme & full details of the method of doing so & the deadline for this (12th August) will be included on the leaflet which will be hand-delivered by our Recycling Advisors who will be able to answer any queries residents have at that point. Alternatively, a telephone number, web-link and e-mail address are provided to enable residents to access further information on this scheme.

All residents who do not opt-out of this scheme will then receive a detailed info pack along with their kitchen caddy, compostable liners & kerbside container during late August ready for the first collections to begin in early September."