Sunday, 6 February 2011

Air quality monitoring unit - Lochee Road

The City Council's Environmental Health and Trading Standards Department has advised me that the existing air quality monitoring unit, situated on Lochee Road (at the bottom of Cleghorn Street), is being upgraded.   It is proposed to undertake this work within the next three months.

This air quality monitoring unit will be replaced in the coming months with a larger unit, similar to the one in the picture.  The proposed upgrade does not require planning permission.

The City Council further advises :

"With regard to the air quality monitoring unit at Lochee Road, at present only monitoring for nitrogen oxides is undertaken at this site. A larger size unit is required because a new PM10 - particulate matter - monitor - is being installed and an air conditioning unit is also being installed to help ensure the correct operation of the equipment. The provision of the PM10 monitor will allow for the measurement of the actual concentrations."