Sunday 23 January 2011

West End roads

The state of roads in the city has been a hot topic recently, with both constituents and in the local press.  As always, I continue to raise with the City Council any concerns highlighted by constituents about roads condition in the West End.   

I have now asked from the City Engineer details as to how the City Council is tackling the situation across the city, given the deterioration in the condition of many roads as a result of the recent snow and ice across the city.   It is important that this is tackled promptly and in a way that ensures the worst pothole and other road defects are given priority.  

Another by-product of the recent weather has been the deterioration of road markings - and I have received concerns from residents about this.   Clearly it is important that both white and yellow lining is kept in reasonable condition, for road safety reasons and to avoid obstruction where parking is inappropriate.   Here's two examples I have raised with the City Council at residents' requests :

Perth Road
Brown Street