Friday, 9 April 2010

£100 000 of tenants' money well spent?

Today's Courier and tonight's Evening Telegraph highlights my concerns about £100 000 of expenditure by Dundee City Council to alter parking and access at the East District Housing Office - an office only three years old.

I am not against ensuring that access & egress is good as is parking at the offices – the real question is why the obvious problems that have led to the council spending an additional £100 000 of tenants' money were not foreseen at the time the offices were build.

There appears to have been a project management problem resulting in rent payers across Dundee forking out another £100 000, I have asked to meet the council's Chief Executive and Director of Housing to discuss the matter further and this meeting is to take place later this month.

I don’t think in these challenging and difficult financial times the council should get itself in a position where it is revisiting projects only 3 years after completion and spending an extra £100 000 into the bargain.