Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Virgin Media services in Tait's Lane

A constituent in Tait's Lane contacted me recently about an anomaly in terms of the provision of cable TV in the area.

The whole of the lane is cabled for Virgin Media services, except one block of 18 flats. I can only think that at the time the former Telewest cabled the area, this set of flats was undergoing refurbishment as the flats were upgraded some years ago. My constituent - who had contacted Virgin to subscribe to their services - was told there were no plans to extent the services to these flats.

I must say - all credit, however, to Virgin Media. I contacted Neil Berkett, Virgin Media's Chief Executive, last week to raise the issue and he responded very promptly promising that the matter would be investigated. I have since been contacted by two senior staff at Virgin Media who have informed me that the company is looking at the viability of extending services to the 18 households currently without access to Virgin services in the lane. Here's hoping for a positive outcome.