Saturday, 5 September 2009

Civil service jobs for Dundee

Back in May of this year, I mentioned on the blog that the record of the SNP government on its promises made in opposition to bring further civil service jobs to the city has thus far proved a lamentable failure (click on headline to view the earlier article).

Bringing more public sector jobs to Dundee is vital and at the latest meeting of the City Development Committee of the City Council, I proposed the following motion :

City Development Committee instructs the Director of City Development to prepare a report on the actions and procedures of his department during the past five years to press Dundee’s case for the allocation of further Scottish Government Civil Service posts to Dundee, including an overview of the success of these actions and procedures in terms of additional posts secured during the period.

I was pleased that all political groups on the Council supported my motion and it was unanimously agreed. It is important that the Council reviews its attempts to secure further jobs for Dundee, redoubles its efforts and also presses Scottish Government to make good its earlier promises to devolve civil service posts to the city.