Monday, 25 February 2008

Update on Tait's Lane

Following my blog entry yesterday, I have now spoken today with a senior representative from Scottish Hydro Electric (SSE) who has advised me that, although investigations are continuing into the terrible incident on Friday, their initial investigations indicate a fault in electrical joints underground that caused a surge of voltage. He advised that the type of short circuit was “very unusual” and that there were no exposed wires.

One of the major concerns residents are raising is the possible dangers to children and any other pedestrians and the Scottish Hydro Electric representative claimed that, because voltage dissipates differently in animals compared to human beings, he 'was confident the surge would not have killed a human being'.

It is vitally important that the full facts are determined as there has been great concern in the local area about what happened. For that reason I have reported my concerns to the Health and Safety Executive, who have tonight given me the Incident Number regarding my drawing this to HSE's attention.