Sunday, 11 February 2007

Council Tax, Wet Weekend, Tom Spiers, Trees again ...

Much of Friday was spent on City Council budget matters (with Council Finance Convener hat on) - click on headline above to view more about this. We have spent a very wet weekend campaigning in various parts of the City; intend thawing out tonight!
A resident contacted me Thursday about a vandalised young tree, in Blackness Road close to the Elliot Road junction. Having contacted the Council's Forestry Officer, he advised me it would be inspected, tied or restaked on Friday and pleased to advise that the tree is now sorted.
Have received an e-mailed assurance from owner of the untidy area on Shepherd's Loan/Weaver's Yard (north of High Mill) that he would get the grass cut. He has e-mailed me again today to say : "I have requested that this gets done as soon as possible weather permitting , I will advise you when it has been done."
Lastly - latest update from Friends of Wighton:
"Tom Spiers will be giving the Saturday afternoon talk at Dundee's Wighton Heritage Centre on Saturday 17th February.
"It starts at 2pm and admission is £5/£3 for Friends of Wighton members. The subject will be The Fighting Scot and Tom will cover songs by, for and about Scottish soldiers over the last six centuries.
"Tom Spiers was a member of the renowned Gaugers and is currently with the excellent Shepheard, Spiers and Watson. He has a wide knowledge of North East folk song, a fine voice and manages the difficult art of accompanying himself on the fiddle!"