Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Ok, Corrie over, here's the rest ...

And taking of Corrie, got a really nice e-mail from Glenda (aka Flaming Nora) editor of Corrieblog following my earlier blog about Coronation Street and - and she tells me LibDems have already been mentioned on the Corrie Blog (click on headline above to view!)
Ok, back to business! Homebase site - lots of residents asking what's happening with the site following planning approval. You'll recall I was strongly against the planning application but it was unfortunately approved last December. Here's the latest feedback from the City Council planning officer :-
"I have recently contacted the applicants agent (11.10.2006) who has advised that, at this time, it is intended to commence demolition of the Homebase building early 2007 (Jan / Feb). This is anticipated to take approx. 8 weeks as material to be recycled on site and re-used in development works. Construction works anticipated to commence mid 2007."
A fair bit of white coloured graffiti has appeared at Sinderins (and mentioned at Community Council last night) - I have reported this to Waste Management asking that the Rapid Response Team remove it.
And taking of graffiti, complaints about more graffiti at Seabraes - this time on the viewing platforms - SET tell me they have passed on my complaint to their sub-contractor.