Sunday, 22 October 2006

Litter in Perth Road

Since the schools went back for the autumn term, I've had a lot of complaints again about the amount of litter being dropped at lunchtimes in the Perth Road shopping area and the area westwards back towards the Harris. Having been in touch with both the Head Teacher at Harris Academy and the Waste Management Department, I've had good feedback from both. The feedback from Harris :-
"... start of new term. I have assemblies next week and will raise this again with all pupils. We will also have a senior managers in Perth Road at lunchtime."
and from Waste Management :

"Am aware this is an ongoing problem that we have addressed on a number of occasions. Despite putting in extra litter bins, it would appear they still prefer to throw litter on the ground. We will continue to be as vigilant as we can through the local beat man and I will also get our Enforcement Officers to monitor the area along with local Police Officer."
Good to see both the school & City Council taking steps to address this issue.