Wednesday, 19 April 2006

The week thus far....

Monday's Council committees could have taken ages (there's been none since 27th March due to Council recess so a bit of a backlog) but it was all handled in a very business-like way, so about 15 committees (including City Council) did not take an age. My Finance Committee has nothing of great controversy - main item a useful update of the Council's policy in dealing with housing benefit overpayments.

For me, the two main issues of Monday night were:

* Discussion about the problems caused by seagulls/pigeons - although this appeared at committee because of a Community Regeneration Fund bid for Mid Craigie/Linlathen to help tackle the problem in that area, the general issue was discussed. The Environmental Health & Trading Standards Department undertook a survey of City Centre residents about the issue towards the end of 2005 and positive actions have resulted from this (committee report in February 2006). It remains a serious issue for city centre residents and many other Dundee citizens

* Central Dundee Parking Strategy - very pleased to see this report to Planning & Transportation Committee. Follow-up report coming on residents' parking (a very real issue locally). A Focus Group being set up with the four councillors nearest City Centre plus other stakeholders including Community Councils, City Centre Action Group, etc. Spoke on this too; very important momentum is maintained on this issue. See

Tuesday started with a meeting the Council Leader and I had arranged with the Hindu Community Centre (in Taylor's Lane) about improvements to the centre. Thereafter drive to Newcastle (day job), meeting & return from Newcastle (long trip!)

Wednesday (apart from a real lot of constituent issues including sorting out a particularly concerning matter - all credit to the housing department for its prompt and positive response). Day job priorities meant I couldn't attend two meetings (including an evening meeting of the Blackness Area Residents' Association - I absolutely hate missing community meetings but this time unavoidable).

Pleased to see Courier featuring Riverside Nature Park - see - the Courier had kindly called me on Tuesday for a quote but being in Newcastle it was nearly midnight before I could return their call, so a bit late for a quote, but good to see issue featured.

And thanks to the constituent who has e-mailed me re the earlier story re "silent calls" as follows:

"Re the "Silent Calls" - there is something that can be done. If you phone 0870 444 3969 from the telephone number that you want no more "silent Calls" from, this blocks it out.
This is part of the TPS - Specific page for this product - And yes, surprisingly, it does work."

And time for another long link - my update for the City Centre & Harbour Community Council -*NEW*+City+Centre+Update+-+April+2006+.pdf