Friday, 14 April 2006

The past week ...

Off to Moray tomorrow with a few friends to help Linda Gorn at the Scottish parliamentary by-election. It has been a dreadfully busy week, lots of day job activity including a very early start and late return to/from Belfast yesterday.

Going back over the past few days ...

Monday - Finally got an assurance that the handrail promised for Ford's Lane will be installed soon (long story ...) For elderly constituents in the winter months, this will be a boon. Some abandoned cars issues reported to the Police.

Tuesday - West End Community Council meeting and a number of local issues raised. Additionally decision made regarding 2006 West End Christmas Week (it'll be 2-9 December) - now progressing events with the City Council and others.

Refuse issues raised by constituents plus need for further litter bin on north side of Perth Road near Sinderins - taken up with Waste Management Department of the City Council.

Wednesday - Edinburgh - party Campaigns & Candidates Committee - spent the whole meeting putting stickers on Linda Gorn's election leaflets - worthwhile meeting. Met constituent re housing problem.

Thursday - Belfast - 4am start ; 9pm finish - not a short day!

Friday - Pleased to see the Herald newspaper highlighting superannuation investment issue on tobacco I have been campaigning on - see