Saturday 14 October 2023

Further update on school buses to/from Harris Academy #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, following concerns raised by parents and carers with us last term about insufficient capacity on one of the school buses to and from Harris Academy (the 6s – the pupils concerned live in the Pentland area), we raised the issue with the City Council.

We are pleased to have been updated by the transportation team at the council to say that at the north end of the route, from the start of the new term, pupils who who also have access to another of the school bus services will use service 10s instead of the 6s.    This will hopefully ensure that when the 6s arrives at stops further south going towards the school, there will be sufficient space left to ensure all pupils can get on the bus.

The school makes good efforts at the end of the school day to ensure pupils get on the most appropriate bus home and it is hoped that bus availability will improve for all pupils during the new term.