Sunday 13 August 2023

Balgay Hill upkeep update #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, a few weeks ago, Fraser had a site visit around Greater Balgay with two senior environment managers from the City Council and the Chair of West End Community Council to look at issues needing attended to.

We have since also had further concerns about the planet trail where much of the greenery needed trimmed back (see photos) and we have received an assurance this will be attended to.

We have also received concerns about the overgrowth from Balgay Hill northwards towards Ancrum Drive and we also raised this with the council.

The Greenspace Team Leader (Environment) at Dundee City Council has since advised us :

"As you will be aware the ownership of the area identified is split - some is not in the Council’s ownership. However the area where the fencing / tree planting works have been carried out, does belong to Dundee City Council.

The access on this part of Balgay Hill is not part of the formal path infrastructure and as such has not been maintained by us. The weather conditions recently with warm temperatures and frequent rain showers has encouraged lush growth of the grasses and other plants resulting in overhanging vegetation.

In the communication sent to residents before the tree planting works commenced, it was intimated that council officers would investigate the formalisation of some of the informal paths. This very much depends on the identification of additional resources for both path creation and management."

We have made it clear that better management and path creation should indeed be carried out and will continue to pursue this with the council.